Rola Vincent is an international pioneer of bespoke design. She brings her expertise to some of the finest and most coveted addresses in the world; from sumptuous homes, to hospitality, outdoor and commercial environments. Her range of design styles is virtually unlimited and her striking aesthetic concepts have been applied to all her projects. All her work is caracterized by an unrivaled combination of detailing, diverse design, cutting-edge technology and the exclusivity synonymous with individually tailored venture.

Among Rola Vincent’s skills is the art of transforming each space without constricting herself to one “House Style” in order for the creations to be individually bespoke to each client’s projects. They are all completed with an effortless marriage of design and functionality that blend smoothly with timeless style ensuring signature precision.

Her interior architectural heritage is woven into both challenging new restoration for listed houses and the engineering of new interiors with offering not only intricate attention to detail but ground breaking originality married with the finest craftsmanship and quality.

Her extensive range of expertise ensures that she remains at the forefront of luxury design.